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Name: Fitzgerald, Judith K.

Firm: Tucker Arensberg, P.C.

Experience: Bankruptcy Including Appeals, Divorce Support, many - see narrative,para. 6

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Rates: Hourly: $650.00 (negotiable) Half Day: $2500 Daily: negotiable Flat Fee: negotiable

Description: For more than 25 years I served as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. During that time, I also was appointed to serve as a bankruptcy judge on cases pending in Delaware (20 years), the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (8 years) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (9 years). I have had the privilege of helping parties resolve their disputes thousands of times. On many of those occasions the dispute was resolved when I made a decision. However, far more matters before me were resolved through settlement than through adjudication. My skills as a mediator have been honed through my experience and my training. Those skills have been recognized by other judges who referred difficult cases to me for mediation. During my service as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, I encountered nearly every type of legal dispute that can arise, including contract disputes and construction claims, insurance and claim matters, malpractice actions, fee disputes tort and mass tort allegations, fraudulent conveyance and preference actions, real estate matters such as boundary, title and mortgage disputes, corporate actions such as shareholder, officer and director liability matters, commercial disputes involving negotiable instruments and secured transactions, and equitable distribution. Although much of my legal experience has been in bankruptcy court, my mediation skills are not limited to bankruptcy issues. Since returning to private practice, I have served as a court-appointed mediator and have handled settlement discussions in out-of-court insurance, post-confirmation trust, fee, contract, mortgage, construction, fraudulent conveyance, subordination, guaranty, preference and malpractice matters and have served as a judge for mock summary judgment arguments involving securities and ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives) disputes. I am a member of FedArb, the association of former federal judges who provide mediation and arbitration services in complex civil cases, and the Western PA Mediation Council. I have been particularly active in helping to resolve malpractice, contract, insurance and fee disputes.

Training: I have taken, planned and taught a variety of courses related to mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Most recently, I attended the PA Council of Mediators' two-day program that included "Mediating Outside the Box' and a variety of workshops. I attended the U.S. District Court's update on ADR and several programs (CLE and non-CLE)by the Mediation Council in family law mediation, elder mediation and consumer services. I also taught a course called "The View from the Mediator's Table," for CLE credits. Others include the Advanced Bankruptcy Mediation taught by St. Johnís University and the American Bankruptcy Institute, Conflict Resolution Day Training, Strategies to Break Impasse, and Why Mediation. I attended several other mediation courses as a judge and received a certificate as a qualified mediator. My "on-the-job" training includes having expanded my mediation practice so that I am regularly contacted by parties in bankruptcy, federal and state court disputes.

Last Updated: 04/16/2018

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