Judge Thomas P. Agresti

U.S. Courthouse, Suite B250
17 South Park Row
Erie, PA 16501
Ph. 814-464-9760
Fax 814-464-9767

Erie and Pittsburgh Division Hearing Dates (Ch. 7, 11, 12, 13) for Judge Agresti Cases

Procedures for all of Judge Agresti's Cases (Revised 10/27/2016)

Form Orders to be Used in Judge Agresti Cases (Revised 11/02/2015)

Staff Information

Law Clerk Ken Wargo 814-464-9761
Law Clerk Courtney Neer 814-464-9781
Deputy-in-Charge Pamela Jewell 814-464-9760
Courtroom Deputy Vicki Sontheimer 814-464-9744
Courtroom Deputy Julie Markham 814-464-9748
Courtroom Deputy Laurel Marci 412-355-3261


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