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Judge Thomas P. Agresti

U.S. Courthouse, Suite B250
17 South Park Row
Erie, PA 16501
Ph. 814-464-9760
Fax 814-464-9767

5430 U.S. Steel Tower
600 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Erie and Pittsburgh Division Hearing Dates (Ch. 7, 11, 12, 13) for Judge Agresti Cases

eCOP Best Practices User Guide for Ch. 13 Electronic Confirmation Order Procedure (Effective 08/15/2021)

Updated Notice of Temporary Modification of Appearance Procedures Before Judge Thomas P. Agresti (Dated and Effective 07/26/2022)

Procedures for all of Judge Agresti's Cases (Revised 11/22/2021)

Form Orders to be Used in Judge Agresti Cases (Revised 07/26/2022)

Staff Information

Staff Attorney Ken Wargo 814-464-9761
Staff Attorney Alexandria McKenna 814-464-9781
Deputy-in-Charge Pamela Jewell 814-464-9760
Courtroom Deputy II Julie Markham 814-464-9748
Case Administrator II Dmitriy Kampov 814-464-9745
Case Administrator Nicole Shatkoff 412-644-4052




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