Limited Filing User Login

The Court announces the availability of a Limited Filing User (LFU) login designed with creditors in mind. As the name indicates, this login is limited in that, unlike our general purpose attorney login, it allows the filing of only a limited number/type of pleadings.

The pleadings that can be filed using a LFU login:

Under the Claim Actions Section:

  • Creditor Request for Notices
  • Notice of Mortgage Payment Change
  • Notice of Post-Petition Fees, Expenses and Charges
  • Objection to Transfer of Claim
  • Reaffirmation Agreement
  • Response to Notice of Final Cure Mortgage Payment
  • Transfer of Claim
  • Withdrawal of Claim

Under the Creditor Maintenance Section:

  • Enter individual creditors
  • Upload a creditor matrix file

 Under the File Claims Section:

  • File claims

 Under the Reports Section:

  • Claims Register


To obtain a LFU login, complete the “Limited Filing User Registration Form And Agreement” which can be downloaded using the link below. Read the entire form and, after completing the appropriate entries, mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. Upon receipt of the form and verification that all required information was included, we will email the login and password to the email address on the form.

 Important Note: (Extracted from form)

“Limited Filing User must certify that he/she meets one of the following conditions in order to qualify for an account on CM/ECF:

  • Registrant is a CM/ECF participant in another United States Bankruptcy Court, with either full CM/ECF privileges or limited use privileges to file proofs of claim, notice requests, withdrawal of claims, transfers of claims, and/or objections to transfer of claim.  OR
  • Registrant has taken the training class provided by the Clerk’s Office of the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Western District of Pennsylvania.“


Upon receipt of the email issuing the login, the LFU user MUST go into their ECF account and update their contact information. This information must be kept current by the user. For information on updating your account, see the “User Maintenance” section of the Online Attorney Training Manual.


Download the Registration Form and User Agreement from the links below to apply for a LFU login. Once completed, print, sign in the appropriates spaces and then mail to the address indicated at the bottom of the form. You must complete all blanks/items on both the first and second pages!

Limited Filing User Registration Form and User Agreement (PDF format)
Limited Filing User Registration Form and User Agreement (Word format)

See the Online Attorney Training Manual for help with working within the system under the LFU login.


For information on, or to register for, Electronic Claims Upload (for large creditors), contact:

Kathy Theis, General Supervisor
phone: 412-644-4917


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