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Answer an Adversary

        STEP 1         Click on the Adversary hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu Bar. (See Figure 1.)

  Figure 1


        STEP 2         The Adversary Events menu displays. (See Figure 2.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig02_Adv_Events.jpg (11308 bytes) Figure 2

  • Click on the Answers... hyperlink/choice.


        STEP 3         The Answers screen then lists two options. (See Figure 3.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig03_Answer_Events.jpg (7677 bytes) Figure 3

  • Motions/Applications, refers to documents filed in response to a motion or application within the Adversary.
  • Complaint, 3rd, cross, counter refers to documents referencing the actual complaint, third-party complaint, cross-claim, or counterclaim.
  • Click on Complaint, 3rd, cross, counter to continue.


        STEP 4         The Case Number prompt screen displays. (See Figure 4.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig04_CaseNo_Prompt.jpg (12799 bytes)
Figure 4

  • If a number is displayed, it would reference the previous case filed upon.
  • If the displayed case number is the correct case, leave it entered. If not, enter the correct case number in the format YY-NNNN.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 5         The Joint Filing screen appears. (See Figure 5.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig05_Joint_File.jpg (18884 bytes)
 Figure 5.

  • First verify the case number and name to ensure you are in the correct case.
  • If you are filing this answer jointly with another attorney, click in the check box to indicate that.
  • For this example, leave the box unchecked.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 6         The Select the Party screen then displays all of the parties in the case. (See Figure 6.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig06_Select_Party.jpg (20254 bytes) 
Figure 6

  • Click on the defendant's name(s).
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 7         The Attorney/Party Association screen displays. (See Figure 7.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig07_Atty_Assoc.jpg (22976 bytes)  Figure 7

  • Click in the checkboxes to confirm you represent the defendants.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 8         Identify the docket event you are answering. (See Figure 8.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig08_Relate_to_Compl.jpg (26700 bytes)
  Figure 8

  •   This screen would display all answerable events.
  •   For this example, click in the Include box next to the complaint.
  •   Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 9         The Select the pdf Document  screen displays next. (See Figure 9.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig09_Select_File.jpg (15508 bytes)
Figure 9

  • See the Browse Process for details on identifying the pdf file containing the Answer (the Main Document).
  • Once the main document has been identified, check the Attachments to Document to "Yes" if there is a Proposed Order or other Exhibits with the Complaint. 


        STEP 10         The Secondary Complaints screen will then be presented. (See Figure 10.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig10_Hearing_Date.jpg (35347 bytes)  
Figure 10

  • If the Complaint was combined with a secondary complaint, check the appropriate box.
  • Complete the Enter the hearing date field.
    If no hearing date set yet, type in "no hearing date scheduled."
  • This example includes no secondary complaint, so leave all boxes unchecked.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 11         The Modify Docket Text screen displays. (See Figure 11.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig11_Mod_Dock.jpg (30488 bytes)
  Figure 11

  • Verify the accuracy of the docket text. If the docket text has an error, click the browser’s [Back] button at the top of the screen one or more times to access the screen on which the error was made, and correct the error.
  • To abort or restart the transaction, click on the Adversary hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu Bar. Although this can be done at any time, this is your last opportunity to change the event.
  • If appropriate, select a prefix from the drop-down box and/or add text to the entry. Any text added here will appear in italics on the docket sheet.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 12         The Final Docket Text screen displays. (See Figure 12.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig12_Fin_Dock.jpg (31401 bytes)
  Figure 12

  • As always, verify docket text and go BACK to correct if necessary.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 13         The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays. (See Figure 13.)

Answer_Complaint_Fig13_NEF.jpg (96718 bytes)
Figure 13

  • The NEF is the verification that the filing has been sent electronically to the court’s database. It certifies that the answer has been submitted by this defendant.
  • Clicking on the case number hyperlink will display the docket report for this case.
  • Clicking on the document number hyperlink will display the PDF image of the document just filed.
  • To print a copy of this notice, click the browser [Print] icon or button.


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