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The Attachment Process

This process is used to identify additional pdfs to be uploaded as part of any filing. By additional, it is meant that after identifying the main document containing the actual pleading, there are other pdf files needed that contain more "paperwork". See Figure 1 for the attachment identifying screen.

Note: For exhibits, put the case number and other identifying information on the first page of the exhibit prior to scanning (for details, see "ECF Procedure #5 - Attachments and Exhibits" posted on the Court's website on the CM/ECF page.). This information can be handwritten. If there is no space on the original document for this information, put it in a cover sheet.

Figure 1

    Attaching involves three steps:

        Step 1    -     Browse to identify the file to be uploaded.

Click on the Browse button to navigate to the additional pdf file to be uploaded.

        Step 2     -   Select a document type and/or description.

Select the document type using the Type drop down list and/or enter a Description. If the type of document is included in the type drop down list, select it and no additional entry is needed in the Description box. If no type on the list is appropriate, or for clarification purposes, you can add text to the Description box.

An example of where both the Type and Description boxes could be completed would include selecting the "Exhibit" type and then adding a description of the exhibit such as "Lease agreement" or "Time sheets."

         Step 3     -   Click on the Add to List button.

This will add the full navigation information, called the Path, to the file you just identified to the List box.

When the button is clicked, the Browse box is cleared. This would allow repeating of the process if there were even more pdf file(s) to upload - such as Exhibit or some other scanned-in file.

        Step 4     -   Click on the Next button to end the Attachment Process and return to the Select the pdf file screen.


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