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Attorney Association in Adversary Open

This process is followed to associate an attorney with a party in an Adversary case open.


        STEP 1             On the Plaintiff Information screen, click on the Attorney... button.  (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1

NOTE: Remember, only associate an attorney for plaintiffs.


        STEP 2         The Search for an attorney screen appears.  (See Figure 2.)

  Figure 2

  • You can search using your Bar Id number or your Last name.
  • Click on the Search button to initiate the search.


            STEP 3            The Attorney search results screen appears.  (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3

  • You will always get a match since you were added when your login was issued.
  • Click on your name in the Attorney search results box to get the Person Address box to appear.
  • Click on the Select name from list button to select yourself.


            STEP 4            The Attorney Information screen appears.  (See Figure 4.)

Figure 4

  • Complete any empty fields.
  • Update any incorrect/out-of-date fields.
  • Click on the Add attorney button to return to the Plaintiff Information screen.


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