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Effective June 1, 2020

Unless otherwise ordered, all hearings before Judge Thomas P. Agresti shall be held using the Zoom Video Conference Application ("Zoom").

Notice to all Zoom Participants:
The official record of any hearing, proceeding, or trial is recorded by the Clerk or Deputy Clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court. No other hearing participant, witness, legal counsel, observer, or any other person not expressly authorized to do so by this Court may record, capture, reproduce, rebroadcast, disseminate, or duplicate the video, image, or audio content (whether by “screen-shot,” “screen capture,” or any other medium or capability) of any part of a hearing, proceeding, or trial before the Court. Violation of these rules may result in the imposition of sanctions including, but not limited to, monetary sanctions and/or the suspension of electronic filing privileges. All persons desiring an official transcript or audio recording of any hearing, proceeding, or trial should contact the Clerk’s Office.