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Complex Ch 11 Procedures & Cases

Upon consideration of the recommendations from members of the bar of the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Court finds a need to implement policies and procedures to better serve the public and the bar in Complex Chapter 11 cases.  Accordingly, on October 15, 2018, a Standing Order was entered directing that procedures shall be implemented in Complex Chapter 11 cases and to the extent that these procedures conflict with any other Local Bankruptcy Rules, the Standing Order shall control. The Standing Order can be accessed at the following link.

Standing Order 18-204 Complex Chapter 11 Case Procedure Order

Request for Emergency Consideration Form

Complex Chapter 11 Cases

Case Number Case Title Date Opened Date Closed Claims/Agent
Notice Link
21-22080 Rockdale Marcellus, LLC 09/21/2021   Link
21-22079 Rockdale Marcellus Holdings, LLC (Jointly Administered at Case No. 21-22080) 09/21/2021    
18-22032 R.E. Gas Development, LLC, et al. 05/18/2018   Link
18-21898 YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh 05/08/2018 08/09/2018  
17-22045 rue21, Inc. 05/15/2017