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Docket Report

This module discusses the Docket Report in detail: how to generate it and what data it displays.

The Docket Report can be generated from numerous points within the system:

  • Anytime a case number is displayed in blue, underlined text, that text is a hyperlink to the Docket Report for that case. One of the most common occurrences of this is on the Notice of Electronic Filing (receipt) screen.
  • As a Query data element. (See the Query Process for more detail.)
  • From the Report menu (See the Reports module for more detail.)

Upon initiating the Docket Report, the first screen displayed is the Docket Sheet parameter screen. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1.

Options on this screen are:

  • Case number
  • Filed/Entered date or date range.
  • Document number or range.
  • Include terminated parties
  • Include links to Notice of Electronic Filing - the option will display a link to the Notice of Electronic Filing that was generated when the pleading was filed. Can be used to see which parties are served electronically and those needing paper service. This link is offered as a small silver ball icon next to the Document #.
  • Sort by - in date sequence either oldest-to-newest or newest-to-oldest order.
  • Document options: (New with this version!)

Once all the parameters are entered or checked-off, Click on the Run Report button to generate the report.
(See Figure 2.)

  Figure 2.

Elements of the Report are:

  • Any Flags set for this case seen at upper right.
  • The Judge - once the Case Administrator has reviewed the petition.
  • Case characteristics (below the Judge).
  • The Date filed.
  • Link to Show Associated Cases - see
  • The Debtor(s) and their Attorney(s).
  • The Trustee - once the Case Administrator has reviewed the petition.
  • The Document # which, if filed after Feb. 2, 2003, will be a pdf file. Clicking on this number will take you to PACER and allow you to display the pleading and any additional files that may have been filed. If filed prior to 2/2/03, this document number would be in black text and you would have to request a paper copy from the Court.

Note: A small silver ball next to the Document # is displayed when the Links to Notices of Electronic option is checked.

Clicking on the silver ball will display the NEF for that event or filing.


Once displayed on the screen, the report can be printed by clicking on the Browser's Print icon.


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