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Objection Response to a Motion

This lesson explains how to docket an objection (or a response) to a motion or application. (The example used is a response to a Motion to Avoid a Lien.)


        STEP 1     Select Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Main Menu. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1


        STEP 2     The Bankruptcy Events menu displays. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2.

  • Click the Answer/Response option on ths menu.


        STEP 3     The Answer/Response Type screen displays. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3

  • Click the Reference an existing motion/application option.
  • Note the two other type of responses/objections available.


        STEP 4     The Case Number Prompt screen displays (See Figure 4.)

Figure 4

  • Enter the correct case number, including the hyphen.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.



        STEP 5     The Event Selection screen displays. (See Figure 5.)

Figure 5

  • Your choices are Objection, Reply or Response.
  • For this example, we select Response.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.

The Joint filing screen then appears. (See Figure 5a.)

Figure 5a.

  • Check if appropriate - usually unchecked.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 6     The Select the Party screen displays. (See Figure 6.)
(All parties who have filed electronically on the case will appear on this list.)

Figure 6.

  • Select your client(s).
  • If your client(s) not there, use Add/Create New Party link to add them.
  • In this example, select the two debtors.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 7     The Select the pdf file screen displays. (See Figure 7.)

Figure 7


  • Use the Browse button to search for the pdf file.
  • After selecting the main document, if there is an attachment, change
    Attachments to Document to "Yes".
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 8      The Enter Hearing Date screen displays. (See Figure 8.)

Figure 8.

  • Enter the hearing date as seen on the hearing notice.
  • If no hearing date has been scheduled, enter "no hearing date scheduled."
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 9      The Select the category... screen displays. (See Figure 9.)

Figure 9.

  • This screen acts as a filter to limit the docket items that will appear on the next screen -
    with the next screen requiring us to link this answer/response to the docket entry/event that
    is being answered or responded to.
  • In this example, we select "motion" in the category list - since we are responding to a
    Motion for Relief from Stay.
  • You could further limit the docket items that will appear by entering Filed from-and-to dates
    and/or entering from-and-to Document numbers.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 10      The Pending Motions screen displays. (See Figure 10.)

Figure 10.

  • The screen will now display all docket entries that meet the parameters entered in the
    previous screen.
    Note: If the event you are answering/responding to does not appear, either
    you entered an incorrect category (and/or date or document range), or the event you are attempting to answer has been terminated by a hearing.

    You can return to the previous screen and change the parameters and try again. If the event is terminated, contact the Case Administrator monitoring your case for assistance.

  • In this example, click in the Include box next to the Motion to Avoid Lien to link our
    response to the appropriate docket event.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 11     The Modify Docket Text screen appears. (See Figure 11.)

Figure 11.

  • Prefixes are optional - not appropriate in this example.
  • No enhancement needed.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue


        STEP 12      The Final Docket Text screen appears. (See Figure 12.)

Figure 12.

  • Use caution on this screen and proof read the contents of the carefully.
  • To abort or restart the transaction at any time, select Bankruptcy from the main menu.
  • When you click [Next], the entry is sent to the court’s database.


        STEP 13      The Notice of Electronic Filing screen appears. (See Figure 13.)

Figure 13.

  • You should scroll down to view the entire notice.
  • Note the parties listed to receive electronic notice.
  • Click the browser's [Print] button to print a copy of this notice.


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