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Local Rules (in Effect November 1, 2021)

Local Rule Number Form Type Description
  Complete Set of All Local Bankruptcy Rules
1001-1 Citation of Local Bankruptcy Rules
1001-2 Applicability of Local Bankruptcy Rules and Rules of Construction
1001-3 Effective Date of Rules
1001-4 Standing Orders
1002-1 Division of Business & Clerk's Office Hours
1002-2 Complex Chapter 11 Cases
1002-3 Pre-Filing Notice of Complex Chapter 11 Cases
1002-4 Designation of a Complex Ch. 11 Case
1002-5 Affidavit of Debtor
1002-6 First Day Motions and Orders in Complex Chapter 11 Cases
1002-7 Special Requirements for Certain Types of First Day Motions
1002-8 Employment of Claims and Noticing Agents Under 28 U.S.C. § 156(c)
1002-9 Expansion of Duties of Claims and Noticing Agents
1002-10 Proof of Authorization to File
1003-1 Designation of Principal In Involuntary Cases
1006-1 Filing Fees, Installment Payments
1007-1 Mailing Matrices
1007-3 Disclosure of Related Cases and Proceedings
1007-4 Proof of Income
1007-5 Domestic Support Certification
1007-6 List of 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors
1009-1 Amendments by Debtor
1017-1 Dismissal or Conversion of Bankruptcy Case
1017-2 Dismissal of Bankruptcy Case For Deficient Filing
1019-1 Mailing Matrix in Converted Cases
2002-1 Certificates of Service
2002-2 Duty to Maintain Current Address
2004-1 Examination
2015-1 Duty to Keep Records, File Reports, and Make Payments, Including Taxes
2016-1 Professional Fees and Expenses
2016-2 Bank Service Fees on Chapter 7 Estate Accounts
3002-1 Filing Claims
3002-2 Amending Claims
3002-3 Additional Requirements for Claims in Chapter 12 and 13 Cases
3002-4 Notice of Mortgage Payment Change
3002-5 Notice of Postpetition Fees, Expenses, and Charges
3003-1 Proofs of Claim Bar Date in Chapter 11 Cases
3011-1 Unclaimed Funds
3015-1 Use of Plan Form in Chapter 13 Cases
3015-2 Wage Orders in Chapter 13 Cases
3015-3 Plan Confirmation Hearings & Conciliation
3015-4 Continued Chapter 13 Conciliation Conferences
3016-1 Use of Disclosure Statement Form in Chapter 11 Cases
3016-2 Plan Summary in Chapter 11 Cases
3017-1 Hearing on Disclosure Statement
3018-1 Balloting
3021-1 Distribution Under Chapter 9, 11, and 13 Plans
3022-1 Motion for Final Decree in Chapter 11 Cases
4001-1 Motions for Relief from Stay Combined with Other Requests for Relief
4001-2 Use of Cash Collateral and Obtaining Financing
4001-3 Rent Deposits
4001-4 Postconfirmation Matters in Chapter 13 Cases
4002-1 Proof of Federal Income Tax Returns
4002-2 Proof of Insurance
4004-4 Motions for Discharge in Chapter 11 Cases Brought by Individuals
5001-1 Seal of the Court
5005-1 Mandatory Electronic Filing
5005-2 Registration as a Filing User
5005-3 Registration as a Limited Filing User
5005-4 Termination of Registered Filing User Status
5005-5 CM/ECF Passwords
5005-6 Signatures
5005-7 Declaration of Electronic Filing
5005-8 Notice and Service
5005-9 E-mail Accounts
5005-10 Payment of Court Fees
5005-11 Court-Issued Documents
5005-12 Attachments and Exhibits
5005-13 Document Format and Quality
5005-14 Hyperlinks
5005-15 Paper Retention Requirements
5005-16 Removal of Files from the Clerk's Office
5005-20 Documents Filed Under Seal
5005-21 Technical Failures of the CM/ECF System
5005-22 Facsimile Documents and E-Mailed Documents
5007-1 Requests for Transcripts
5095-1 Deposits (Other Than Unclaimed Funds) into a Registry Fund
5095-2 Withdrawals (Other Than Unclaimed Funds) from a Registry Fund
6002-1 Deadline for Account of Prior Custodian
6004-1 Sale of Estate Property Outside the Ordinary Course of Business
6004-2 Sale of Property Without Publication in Chapter 13 Cases
6006-1 Notice of Assumption or Rejection of Executory Contracts
7004-1 Notice of Constitutional Question
7005-1 Filing of Discovery Materials
7008-1 Motions in Adversary Proceedings
7008-2 Review of Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
7010-1 Captions of Adversary Proceedings and of Motions Filed Within Adversaries
7014-1 Service of Documents on Third-Party Defendants
7016-1 Pretrial Procedure
7026-1 Discovery of Electronic Documents ("E-Discovery")
7026-2 Electronic Discovery Special Master
7037-1 Discovery Disputes
7056-1 Motions for Summary Judgment
7065-1 Temporary Restraining Orders
8006-1 Requests for Complete or Partial Transcripts on Appeal
8007-1 Appeal to the District Court from the Bankruptcy Court
8007-2 Transmission of the Record on Appeal
9004-1 Captions of Pleadings and Orders
9006-1 Time
9010-1 Admission to Practice
9010-2 Entry, Withdrawal and/or Substitution Of Appearance
9010-3 Agreements of Attorneys
9013-1 Motions and Contested Matters
9013-2 Procedure for Expedited Hearings
9013-3 Motions Seeking: (1) Relief from the Automatic Stay; (2) Lien Avoidance; (3) Abandonment; (4) Sale Approval; and/or (5) to Extend/Impose the Automatic Stay
9013-4 Filing of Proposed Orders
9013-5 Scheduling Hearings
9013-6 Extension of Time to Assume Contract or Lease or to File a Plan
9013-7 Certificates of No Objection
9013-8 Certification of Counsel
9014-1 Filing and Service of Responsive Pleadings in Contested Matters
9015-1 Jury Demand
9015-2 Jury Selection System
9019-1 Settlements
9019-2 Scope and Effect of Mediation
9019-3 Mediators
9019-4 The Mediation Process
9019-5 Confidentiality of Mediation Proceedings
9019-6 Postmediation Procedures
9019-7 Termination of Mediation
9020-1 Loss Mitigation Program
9020-2 Loss Mitigation Program Commencement
9020-3 Loss Mitigation Program Participation & Duties
9020-4 Loss Mitigation Program Deadlines
9020-5 Loss Mitigation Program Duration
9020-6 Loss Mitigation Program Resolution
9020-7 Loss Mitigation Program Fees, Costs, & Charges
9037-1 Redaction of Personal Identifiers
9070-1 Exhibits