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Standing Orders

Standing Order
Number *
24-205 Reinstatement of the Pre-CARES Act Version of Interim Rule 1020 Necessitated by the Expiration of the Bankruptcy Threshold Adjustment and Technical Corrections Act
23-213 Increase in Transcript Fee Rates
23-210 Assignment of Cases
22-231 Security of and Entry into United States Courthouses and Federal Court Facilities in The Western District of Pennsylvania
22-219 Filing and Submission of Audio and Video Evidentiary Materials
22-206 The Use of Face Masks in Bankruptcy Court Facilities
21-215 Revised Local Bankruptcy Rules to Take Effect on November 1, 2021
21-207 Prohibition on Recording or Retransmission of Video or Telephonic Conferences and Hearings
21-204 Increase in the Loss Mitigation Program Fee Limits for Both the Document Preparation Software and the Portal
21-201 Amendment to W.PA.LBR 5005-20 Documents Filed Under Seal
20-222 Increase in the Chapter 13 No-Look Fee by Amendment to Local Rule 2016-1(f)
20-221 Adoption of Small Business Debtor’s Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization [or Liquidation] for Subchapter V Small Business Cases
20-220 Amendment to W.PA.LBR 3011-1 Regarding Motions to Reopen Seeking Unclaimed Funds
20-218 Approval of BK Attorney Services LLC D/B/A and Jay S. Jump as Court Approved Notice Provider
20-209 Original Signatures on Bankruptcy Petitions and Schedules
20-208 Mandatory Electronic Filing of Claims Using CM/ECF or ePOC
20-207 Mandatory Electronic Filing of Declarations of Electronic Filing (Local Forms 1a and 1b) Using the Electronic Document Submission System (EDSS)
20-206 Access to Court Facilities and Pro Se Filing Options During COVID-19 Outbreak
20-204 Telephonic Appearance at Hearings is Mandatory
19-217 Adoption of Interim Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Implementing the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019
19-216 Employment Dispute Resolution Plan
16-207 Deposit and Investment of Registry Funds
2015-5 Mandatory Use of Director’s Forms for Notice of Final Cure Payment and Responses Thereto
2013-4 Court Security and Electronic Devices in the Courthouse
2005-3 Administrative Order Governing Notice Requirements of 11 U.S.C. § 342(f)(1)
1992-2 Administration of Chapter 13 Cases.
1991-1 Dismissal of Cases and Imposition of Sanctions for Incomplete Filings
1985-4 Assignment of Adversary Proceedings Related to Petitions in Other Districts

* Standing Orders replaced General Orders and Administrative Orders on April 1, 2016 pursuant to W.PA.LBR 1001-4.