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Bankruptcy Case Completion

        STEP 1     Click on the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1


        STEP 2    The Bankruptcy Events menu displays. (See Figure 2.)

  Figure 2

  • Click on the Miscellaneous hyperlink.


        STEP 3     The Case Number prompt screen appears. (See Figure 3.)

  Figure 3

  • Enter the case number or accept the displayed one if it is correct..
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


         STEP 4     The Miscellaneous Event Selection screen appears. (See Figure 4.)

  Figure 4

  • As always, first double-check to insure this is the correct case.
  • Type “pet” in the event search box.
  • Click on the Petition Completed event in the Available Events box.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 5    The Joint Filing screen appears.  (See Figure 5.)

  Figure 5

  • Check the Joint filing with other attorney(s) box if it is appropriate.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 6     The Select the Party screen is displayed.   (See Figure 6.)     

Figure 6

  • Select the debtor(s) as the filing party. Use the Ctrl-click method for selecting multiple entries.

Note: The debtor(s) must be in the list. If not, you entered wrong case number!

  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 7     The Select the pdf screen appears. (See Figure 7.)

  Figure 7

NOTE: You would identify the pdf file containing the last items needed to complete this case.

  • See the Browse Process for details on selecting the pdf file to be uploaded.
  • After identifying the file, click on the [Next] button to continue.


         STEP 8     The Summary of Schedules screen appears.  (See Figure 8.)

Figure 8

  • Since you are declaring the case as complete, all the fields on this screen must be complete even if they only contain zero(es).
  • If a value displayed is incorrect, use the Amended Schedule(s) event(s) under Miscellaneous to correct.
    Do not correct on this screen.
  • Click on the Next button to continue.


        STEP 9     The Modify Docket Text screen appears.  (See Figure 9.)

Figure 9

  • Review the docket text. If problems, go back to appropriate previous screen and correct.
  • Although it would be acceptable, adding text describing the items uploaded is not necessary.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 10     The Final Docket Text screen appears.  (See Figure 10.)

Figure 10

  • If any text is missing or incorrect, go back to previous screen(s) and correct.
  • Click on the [Next] button to complete this filing.


        STEP 11     The Notice of Electronic Filing appears. (See Figure 11.)

Figure 11

  • This screen details the pleading and displays its Document Number which would be used if an subsequent pleading was filed that related to this pleading.


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