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CM/ECF Newsletters

Winter 2012
  EASI Best Practices
Reminders Concerning the Revised Local Bankruptcy Rules
Documents Filed Under Seal
PACER Access Restrictions
Multi-Court Voice Case Information System

Fall 2010
  CM/ECF Attorney Survey
Free Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Agency
Location of Hearings
Bankruptcy Inns of Court
Documentary Proof of Payment - Chapter 13s
Mailing Matrix - Duplicate Creditors and "Petition Completed"
Amendments to Schedules
Certificates of Service
Opening New Adversary Proceedings
Proper Document Formats

Winter 2010
  Filer's Redaction Responsibility
Online Attorney Training Changes
Text'Searchable Documents
Flattening PDF Files
PDF Quality
Linking Documents
Service of Orders and Motions
Service of Summons
New CM/ECF Events
Unable To Locate the Proper Event?
Mailing Matrix
Financial Management Course Certification
Reaffirmation Agreements

Fall 2008      Text only version
  Transcript Availability on CM/ECF
A Note of Thanks
Revision to Ch. 13 Claims Procedures
The Ch 13 Trustee's Website
Credit Card Statement from Fifth Third Bank
The Notice of Electronic Filing and the Free Copy
Increase in Chapter 13 Filling Fee
Personal Data Identifiers
Notice for Proposed Modifications to Finally Confirmed Ch. 13 Plans
Transcript Requests in the Erie Division
Financial Management Course Certificate
Statement of Current Monthly Income
Dismissed Cases
Opening Adversary Proceedings
Amendments to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

Summer 2007
  The Court's Website
Using Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)
Voice Case Information System (VCIS)
U.S. Courts Website
Important Reminders Concerning CM/ECF Filing Procedures
CM/ECF Filing Training
Need Assistance?

Fall 2006
  CM/ECF Changes
Request to Stop Receiving E-Mail Notification...
Official Form 1 and Exhibit D
Official Form 23, Debtors Certification of Completion...
Link to Official Forms
New Docket Events
New Docket Event: Motion Regarding Chapter 11...
Your E-Mail Address Changes for CM/ECF
Docket Event: Motion to Avoid Lien...
Amended Motions
Amended Schedules
Summary of Schedules Screen
Adding Defendant's Address When Opening an Adversary
Maintaining Your CM/ECF User Account
Payment of Fees Over the Internet

Spring 2006
  Correcting the Social Security Number of a Debtor
Docket Events Modified
Coming Soon: Internet Payment of Filing Fees
Notice Regarding Caption on Motions
Credit Card Authorization Form
Pay Advices and Tax Returns
Notifying the Helpdesk When Your E-Mail Address Changes for CM/ECF
Reminder: Review the Announcements Page
Chapter 13 Rules Committee
Certificate of Consumer Credit Counseling
Submitting a Creditor Change of Address
Preferred Filing Practice for New Cases

May 2005 Volume 3 Issue 1
  Fillable Proof of Claim Form
Updating Credit Card Information
Adversary Proceedings in Chapter 13 Cases
Associating an Attorney with a Party in CM/ECF
Same Social Security Number - Different Name
Contacting the Clerk's Office with CM/ECF Questions
Enhancement to Claims Register and Modification to CM/ECF Docket Entry
Online Attorney Training Manual
Duplicate email Addresses
Searching for Parties on PACER
Linking Documents in CM/ECF

September 2004 Volume 2 Issue 2
  Seeking Assistance from Clerk Staff
New Erie Address
Large Files
Include Case Number on Local Form 1
Signatures on Original Documents
Length of Exhibits
Different Party for Joint Debtors
Linking Documents to Previous Documents
New Docket Entry
Trouble-Shooting Guide
Avoid Use of "Back Button" on Browser
No Cover Sheet Necessary for Adversary Cases  Filed Electronically
Claims Filed Electronically
Scanned Documents in "Portrait" Orientation
Docket Summary Report Available

April 2004 Volume 2 Issue 1
  Exhibits Reminder
Docket Text Summary
Large Files
Mailing Matrix Program Review
Routine Maintenance
Wage Attachments
Changing E-mail Address
Attorney Focus Group
CM/ECF Trivia
Training Update

October 2003 Volume 1 Issue 5
  Modifications to CM/ECF V2.2 Future Enhancements

September 2003 Volume 1 Issue 4
  Training Update
Login & Password = Signature
Documents Filed Late
Forms Available in A Word Perfect Document
Version 2 of CM/ECF To Be Implemented This Fall
Rule Changes Regarding Social Security Number of Debtor
Notes from the Helpdesk: CM/ECF Practice Tips
Amendment Cover Sheet
And more...

May 2003 Volume 1 Issue 3
  Judge Fitzgerald's Ch 13 Cases
CM/ECF Program Statistics
All Newsletters on the Website
CM/ECF Notes
Thank You to Electronic Filers
And more...

April 2003 Volume 1 Issue 2
  PDF Files with Full Text Search Capability
E-Mail Notification
Signatures on Electronic Pleadings
When to Use Docket Numbers on Pleadings
Electronic Filing Update
Transcripts Available Electronically
Certificates of Service
E-Mail Notification for Electronic Filers
Setting Up Your CM/ECF Account
Opening an Adversary and Assigning Judge
Reminders: Opening Bankruptcy Cases
Linked Documents
Orders Setting a Court Hearing
Original Signed Petitions
Creating PDF Files
And more...

January 2003 Volume 1 Issue 1
  Court Adopts New Rules
Attorney & Staff Training Available
Attorneys Filing Electronically in Other Bankruptcy Courts
Summonses in CM/ECF
Judges Hearing Procedures Posted on Web
Practice on the Training Web-site
Consumer Credit Counseling
And more...