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Employee Income Records

STEP 1 Click the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1.


STEP 2 Click the Miscellaneous hyperlink on the BANKRUPTCY EVENTS menu. (See Figure 2.)

 Figure 2.


STEP 3 The CASE NUMBER screen displays with the last case number used in this CM/ECF session. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3.

  • If a case number displays and is the correct case, click on the [Next] button to continue.
  • Otherwise, enter the correct case number in YY-NNNNN format.
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 4 Select Employee Income Records on the EVENT SELECTION screen. (See Figure 4.)

 Figure 4.

  • Type "empl" in the event search box to see all events with those characters anywhere
    within the event name.
  • Click on Employee Income Records to get it displayed in the Selected Events box.
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 5 The attorney JOINT FILING screen may then display.
(See Figure 5.)

Figure 5.

  • This screen is used only if another attorney is joining in a filing, such as a stipulation.
    If you are the trustee or the only attorney filing this application, skip this screen.
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 6 The Select the Party screen displays.
(See Figure 6.)

Figure 6.

  • Here you would select the party(s) you represent.
    (Since we have the records for both debtors, select both using your Control (Ctrl) key.)
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.



STEP 7 The Select the pdf document screen will then display.
(See Figure 7.)

Figure 7.

  • Use the Browse button to select the pdf file containing the Income Records.
    (See the Browse Process for details.)

    This is one of the few main documents that must be scanned and thus
    not have to be searchable. Normally scanned documents are uploaded as attachments supporting the main document!

  • Once you have selected the file and return to this screen,
    click the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 8 The Modify Docket Text screen will be displayed.
(See Figure 8.)

Figure 8.

  • No enhancement is needed. 
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.


STEP 9 The Final Docket Text screen is presented.
(See Figure 9.)

Figure 9.

  • Final chance to review and return to previous screens for any corrections.
  • Click on the Next button to continue.


STEP 10 The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) is then displayed.
(See Figure 10.)

Figure 10

  • Clicking on the case number hyperlink on the Notice of Electronic Filing will present the docket report for this case. Attorney users will be presented with a PACER login screen to access these features.
  • Clicking on the document number hyperlink will present the PDF image of the application just filed. Attorney users will be presented with a PACER login screen to access these features. One free look at the document is afforded each e-mail participant.
  • It is highly recommended that you save a copy of this notification for your records. To print a copy of this notice click the browser [Print] icon.


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