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Application to Avoid Lien

This lesson shows displays submitting an Application to Avoid Lien. The same process can be applied to filing other motions or application.


        STEP 1     Click on the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu. (See Figure 1.)

   Figure 1

        STEP 2     The Bankruptcy Events screen displays. (See Figure 2.)

  Figure 2

  •     Click on the Motions/Applications hyperlink.


       STEP 3     The Case Number prompt screen displays. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 3

  •     If a case number displays, verify that it is the correct number.
  •     If no case number displays, enter the case number in YY-NNNNN format.
  •     Click the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 4     The Event Selection screen displays. (See Figure 4.)

Figure 4

  • Type the letters "av" into the text search box - thus narrowing the events displayed in the Available Events box.
  • Click on the Avoid Lien entry to get it displayed in the Selected Events box.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 5     The Joint Filing screen will then display. (See Figure 5.)

  Figure 5

  •     If this is a joint filing and the box is checked, a listing of attorneys presently on the case will be presented for selection.
  •     For this example, leave box unchecked.
  •     Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 6     The Select the Party screen will be presented listing all the participants presently on this case.

(See Figure 6.)

 Figure 6

  • Locate and select the debtor(s) as the parties you represent.
  • Notice that even if the creditor is on the list, that is not the party you represent.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 7     The Select the pdf Document screen displays. (See Figure 7.)

Figure 7

  • See the Browse Process to identify the pdf containing your Avoid Lien motion.
  •  Change the Attachments to Document to "Yes" and ID the Proposed Order
    (see the Attachment Process for details.)
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 8     The prompt for creditor name screen.  (See Figure 8.)

  Figure 8

  • Type in the creditor's name.
  • Click the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 9     The Modify Docket Text screen displays next.. (See Figure 9.)

  Figure 9

  • The creditor's name now appears in the docket text.
  • Click the down arrow to display the prefix options and select one if it is appropriate.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 10     The Final Docket Text screen will appear.  (See Figure 10.)

  Figure 10

  • Verify the final docket text.
  • If the final docket text is incorrect, go back to previous screen(s) and make corrections.
  • Click on the [Next] button to continue.


        STEP 11     The Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) screen displays. (See Figure 11.)

 Figure 11

  • Clicking on the case number hyperlink on the NEF will present the docket report for this case.
  • Clicking on the document number hyperlink will present the PDF image of the application just filed.
  • You must enter your PACER login and password to view any documents or reports or perform any queries. 


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