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Form Orders to be Used in Judge Agresti Cases


NOTE:    The basic format of the following forms is to be used in all cases even though the specimen form below may be related to a specific chapter. The filer is to conform the specimen form used to the specific chapter in which the case falls.

The following proposed orders should be used when seeking Court approval for appointment of professionals:

Order Approving Debtor's Counsel (TPA Form 001) (Revised 04/17/13)
Order Employing Professional for the Debtor (TPA Form 002) (Revised 04/27/22)
Order Approving Retention of Realtor/Broker (TPA Form 003) (Revised 05/03/12)
Order Approving Retention of Auctioneer (TPA Form 022) (Revised 09/20/11)
Order Employing Special Counsel (TPA Form 004) (Revised 04/11/12)

The following notices and proposed orders are to be used regarding any motion for the simple sale of real estate or personalty free and divested of liens, financing or refinancing. Motions requesting the above relief should include reference to the proposed financing terms as well as a copy of the appropriate financing commitment document(s):

Order Confirming Ch 13 Sale of Property (TPA Form 010) (Revised 07/24/18)
Order Confirming Ch 13 Post Petition Financing (TPA Form 011) (Revised 05/05/11)
Order Confirming Sale of Property (General) (TPA Form 026) (Revised 06/11/12)
Notice of Hearing on Sale of Property (General)(TPA Form 012) (Revised 11/01/12)
Notice of Hearing on Sale of Property (Auction) (TPA Form 014) (Revised 11/29/12)
Order Authorizing Public Sale Auction (TPA Form 015) (Revised 12/12/12)
Public Auction Sale Confirmation Order (TPA Form 027) (Revised 09/13/13)

The following proposed orders will be used by the Court to schedule evidentiary hearings in matters involving less complicated, "one-issue" proceedings:

Order Setting Evidentiary Hearing (General) (TPA Form 005) (Revised 11/2/15)
Order Setting Evidentiary Hearing on Value (value is the only issue) (TPA Form 006) (Revised 11/2/15)

The following proposed order is typically used by the Court in Ch. 13 cases regarding the conditional grant of relief from stay, a/k/a "drop dead" order:

Order Granting Conditional R/F/S (TPA Form 007) (Revised 10/08/10)

(Made available to counsel in the courtroom. The relevant information can be handwritten by counsel. Once completed, the form is then submitted in Court.)
The following proposed order will be used in Ch. 13 Objection to Claim litigation:

Objection to Claim Status Report Order (TPA Form 009) (Revised 10/17/12)

Only the Ch. 13 Trustee prepares Plan Confirmation Orders. The following proposed Ch. 13 Plan Confirmation Order is to be used effective August 14, 2021. Under no circumstances is any of the language in the form to be modified, changed or “tweaked.” All specific entries per the case under consideration are to be made via the Pick List inserted in Paragraph A of the Form Confirmation Order. Also see eCOP Best Practices User Guide Effective August 15, 2021.

Plan Confirmation Order (Revised 03/23/22)

The following notice shall be used when amending a Chapter 13 Plan:
Miscellaneous orders:

Pretrial Scheduling Order and 7016(f) Notice (TPA Form 017) (Revised 03/23/22)
Short Form Cash Collateral Order (TPA Form 018) (Revised 10/01/13)

Notice of hearing and response deadline for Counsel to use when self-scheduling a Motion:
Chapter 12 Plan Confirmation Order and Related Forms: