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Local Forms (in Effect March 1, 2012)

  Complete Set of All Local Bankruptcy Forms
Form 1A Declaration RE: Electronic Filing of Petition, Schedules & Statements
Form 1B Declaration RE: Electronic Filing of Petition, Schedules & Statements for Individual Debtor Not Represented By Counsel
Form 2 Ex Parte Motion for Designation as Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case
Form 3 Initial Order for Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case
Form 4A Registration Form To File Electronically
Form 4B Limited Filing User Registration Form and Agreement
Form 4C Notice of Termination of CM/ECF Privileges
Form 5 Chapter 13 Business Case Questionnaire
Form 6 Amendment Cover Sheet
Form 7 Certificate of Service
Form 8 Summary Cover Sheet and Notice of Hearing On Professional Fees In Chapters 7, 12 And 13
Form 9 Summary Cover Sheet For Fee Applications In Chapter 11 and Chapter 15
Form 10 Chapter 13 Plan Dated __________ Combined With Claims By Debtor Pursuant To Rule 3004
Form 11 Ex Parte Motion for Order to Pay Trustee Pursuant to Wage Attachment
Form 12 Notification of Debtor’s Social Security Number
Form 13 Disclosure Statement to Accompany Plan Dated ______
Form 14 Report for Bankruptcy Judges in Cases To Be Closed Chapter 11 Cases
Form 16 Certification That Briefing Completed
Form 17 Motion For Withdrawal of Appearance and Termination of CM/ECF Record
Form 18 Motion For Pro Hac Vice Admission
Form 19 Appearance of Child Support Creditor or Representative
Form 20 Notice and Order Setting Hearing on an Expedited Basis
Form 21 Domestic Support Obligation Certification
Form 22 Domestic Support Obligation Claim Holder Report
Form 23 Notice of Filing of Final Account of Trustee, of Hearing On Applications For Compensation, Proposed Final Distribution and Proposed Abandonment of Property
Form 25 Certification of No Objection Regarding (Insert Pleading Title And Document Number)
Form 26 Settlement and Certification of Counsel Regarding (Insert Pleading Title)
Form 28 Document and Loan History Abstract
Form 29 Notice Regarding Filing of Mailing Matrix
Form 30 Notice Regarding Modification To Mailing Matrix
Form 31 Application For Admission To Bankruptcy Mediation Program Register
Form 32 Mediator’s Certificate Of Completion Of Mediation Conference
Form 33 Report Of Mediation Program Conference
Form 34 Mediator’s Survey
Form 35 Notice of Intent To Request Redaction
Form 36 Redaction Request
Form 37
Request to Restrict Public Access to Claim
Form 38
Request to Restrict Public Access to [specify document]